Pride and Brotherhood

In our modern gynocentric society men are supposed to dedicate their lives to women. Some men hide from this "responsibility." Other men ashamedly shirk their "duty." But their is a small but growing minority of men who refuse to accept any false shame for not sacrificing their lives for women. These are men who proudly say, "My life has value. My live has too much value to sacrifice it for some women who neither appreciates nor deserves the sacrifice." These are Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and are proud to be masters of their own destiny. The MGTOW ring is a sign of brotherhood for men who are proud to have taken authority over their lives. (Featured ring is a custom ordered 18k gold Redpill Ring with real Ruby)

Index Finger

This is the ring of power. It is the finger upon which kings emperors and ambassdors put rings on to demonstrate their power and position. A MGTOW ring on this finger says that I am the master of my own life. (Featured ring is a Silver MGTOW symbol ring in Bold look)

Middle Finger

The meaning of this finger goes without saying. It is the finger of defiance. Customers have termed a ring on this finger as "FLYING THE MGTOW BIRD." You are subtly (or not so subtly) telling White Knights and THOTS what you think of their attempts to control your life and what they can do to themselves rather than to bother you. (Featured ring is a silver MGTOW symbol ring in subtle look,)

Ring Finger

This is the finger society has reserved to mark a man's slavery to a woman. A MGTOW ring on this finger indicates that you have reclaimed your life. You are your own man. No one owns you and no one will ever own you. You are a self-owning and therefore free man. (Featured ring is a 14k gold with real garnet)


A MGTOW ring on the pinky is a subtle but powerful touch of elegance. It makes the wearer stand apart. When wearing a suit it harkens back to the golden era of Holleywood when elegent and powerful men rulled the screen. When worn with casual wear, it adds an unexpected flair of elegence that is unexpected. It is a playful way to tell the world to "F--- off" you are your own man and live by your own rules. (Featured ring is a 14k MGTOW symbol ring.)