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THE EMPRESS HAS NO CLOTHES, electronic version

THE EMPRESS HAS NO CLOTHES, electronic version

This is the downloadable ebook verion of the book.  A hard copy version is also available

The Empress has no clothes is the 1st Book of the "Broken Contract" series.

I refute the accusations that that men who  reject ", committed" relationships are filled with hate, rejecting traditional male duties, depriving themselves of something that they need, hurting women.  I use my background in Economics and Law to look at the Ancient Contract which existed between men and women around the globe and throughout history and compare it to the modern legal "marriage" and the resulting paradigm of male/female romantic relationships.  In short, the Ancient Contract gave ultimate value to both men and women, creating mutual appreciation and loyalty whereas the modern relationship paradigm devalues men and causes antagonism and mutual distrust.  The Modern Paradigm destroys lives while enriching those industries that developed it.  The men who reject this Modern Paradigm are therefore not furthering the deterioration of western society, they are nature's means of ending this artificially induced Paradigm of Destruction.

  • About the Book

    The title refers to the famous Fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” wherein a group of confidence men trick an Emperor into buying a magical suit of clothes that have the power to identify unworthy people.  Anyone who could not see the clothes was unworthy of his position and must be removed.  No one could see the new clothes, so everyone had to assume that he was unworthy.  The trick was that there were no clothes.  No one could see the clothes, but everyone had to pretend to see them or face the consequences.  Instead of wearing his real clothes that historically protected him from the elements, the emperor paraded around naked, suffering the weather’s effects, and expecting everyone to praise his New Cloths.


    We live in the world of the Emperor’s New Clothes.  Since the dawn of civilization, we had a universal contract between men and women that build families and societies.  In the 20th Century we threw out that Ancient Contract for a new relationship paradigm that supposedly had magical powers to bring more happiness and harmony.  Like the Emperor’s clothes, these magical powers did not exist, and the new contract failed to even provide the historic function of the Ancient Contract.  Like the Emperor parading around naked as people praised his “clothing”, women are trained to believe that they possess magical powers and men are trained to doubt their own self-worth.  (Think about the argument that marriages lasted because men could abuse women and women were victims with no choice.  This argument presupposes that the vast majority of men were cruel, evil and unworthy of a woman’s love and devotion.  It refuses to consider that women appreciated men for their sacrifices.)  


    By looking at the basic economics of trade, we see that men who reject “committed” relationships are not depriving themselves of anything that they need.  They are not hurting women, rather than being an unnatural rejection of male responsibilities, they are most likely nature’s means of eliminating an artificial Paradigm of Destruction, designed only to benefit those who designed the system and feed off misery. 

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