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This site and products are for the "sigma" man who has chosen to go along his own peaceful way in life.   I originally used the 5-letter acronym for these men but the legal departments of my original web host and later a credit card processor notified me that this was "hate speech" that "promoted hate, violence, and terrorism".   When I asked them to explain how "living alone in peace" is "violence" he and "terrorism" each legal department told me that I had no right to explanation or appeal.   Whenever you are told that you have right to an explanation, they are telling you that they don't have a legitimate explanation.

I imagine that the actual explanation that the legal system is dependent upon upon trapping men into the system.  

A man who  lives his life alone in peace does not subject himself to the divorce courts,   He does not expose himself to false assault, rape, or sexual harassment charges.  He does not produce single mothers who are dependent on government agencies and  free legal aid.   He does not expose his resources to  court confiscation to pay "support" for children whom that same court denies him a relationship.  He does not produce boys to be raised by a single mother and most likely wind up in the criminal courts and prisons.  All of this takes income away from the legal system.

In short, the legal industry hates us because we terrify them.

If we are terrifying those who would steal our resources and freedom, we must be doing something right!  Please support us in our effort to promote the idea that every man's life has value and his rights must be respected.


Please support our efforts to promote the idea that every man's life has value buy buying a symbol to wear or buying a copy of my book "The Empress has no clothes.

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