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A subtle statement of pride and brotherhood

A man's had is the symbol of his strength and wealth producing capacity.

Historically men wore rings to demonstrate their wealth, power, authority, and fraternal affiliations.  Look at historic photographs and paintings of kings, ambassadors and generals.  You will see them wearing beautiful rings.  This continued well into the 20th century.  Generals of WWII and heroes from the "Golden Age of Hollywood" all decorated their hands.  They dressed with authority, acted with authority, and decorated their hands to celebrate that authority.

As the celebration of masculinity declined, men became more "casual."  They stopped dressing with authority and they stopped decorating their fingers to celebrate their strength and authority.  A popular and influential "how to dress" book for men of the 1980s instructed men that they only acceptable ring for a man to ever wear was a wedding.

No more were men to wear symbols of their personal strength.  Most men wanted to be clogs in a corporate wheel and so the only acceptable symbol for a man to wear was a symbol of his willingness and ability to serve.  Rings the celebrated a man's strength and independence were relegated to the "bad boys" such as bikers and criminals.

The Redpill rings are a symbol of a man's strength and brotherhood.  But unlike a criminal's strength that intends to intimidate or rule over others, the Redpill ring symbolizes a man's strength to live alone in peace.  He does not want to harm anyone or rule over anyone.  But he will not allow anyone to rule over him


About the Red Pill Brothers

Since beginning I have discovered the the brotherhood is made up of the more thoughtful, caring and considerate human beings that I have ever met.  I have dealt with men from across North America, Europe, Asia, and the middle east.  In every case these men were a pleasure to work with and were more concerned with honesty than getting the best of someone.  I have only had a few instances wherein we did not find a happy solution to a problem.  However, in one of these instances a man sent me an apology and purchased a second ring.  In another case, about a year after the transaction was complete, the brother sent me a gift of some vintage silver coins with a note that I had given him something of great value and he wanted to give something in return.  I was truly touched.  In only one case did I not reach a happy solution.  The man was extremely angry even after I immediately refunded his money.  I spoke with some Redpill brothers and we concluded that he was still caught in the midst Red Pill rage and like many of use, had been so abused that he saw every little problem as an attempt to hurt him.  He could not yet conceive of a brotherhood wherein men truly cared for one another.

The world wants to shame men who chose to live their lives alone in peace, but it is truly a brotherhood that one should be proud to join.  I thank my brothers for all their support

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