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A subtle statement of pride and brotherhood

From the dawn of civilization men have used rings to display their power, position, and association.  Think of class rings, fraternity rings, and Masonic rings.  These rings signify that the wearer is not alone.  He is a member of a brotherhood, and this brotherhood represents power.  Rings have always signified power.  An ancient story tells of a Pharaoh putting a young man in power over all of Egypt by placing a ring on his finger.  More recently we had the best-selling book and blockbuster movie trilogy “Lord of the Rings”, wherein men are struggling to possess and wear the rings of power.   Look at pictures of kings and warriors all the way down to the generals of WWII and you will see rings (of beauty and power).  Look at pictures of actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood and you will see men displaying strength, confidence, and elegance.  They exemplified the value and power of a man.  They did not grovel for women’s attention.  They possessed a power that women craved. 


A ring is the natural symbol of power because a man uses his hands to hold weapons and tools.  The hand is therefore the symbol of his power in both strength and wealth-producing capacity so decorating that natural symbol brings attention to the power.  But in the late 20th Century men’s rings fell out of fashion.  It is not a coincidence that the decline of men’s rings corresponded with the rise of feminism because it signaled the devaluation of men.


In the 19th and 20th Centuries we had trends that were devaluing men’s lives.  First was mechanized warfare and the rise of the nation state.  Battles no longer took place between bunches of highly trained professional warriors, but massive armies.  Individual men were devalued to cannon fodder.  We also had the rise of large corporations where men were no longer skilled craftsmen, but disposable cogs in a wheel.  In feminism men were downgraded from the savior handsome prince and honored master of the house to deposable resource producer.  In 1969, California governor Ronald Reason codified this devaluation by signing into law the first “no fault” divorce.  The concept of “no fault” is unthinkable in any other form of contract, tort, or criminal law.  The purpose of law is to discourage destructive behavior by identifying fault then punishing the person at fault and forcing him to compensate the victim. “No Fault” means that a woman can take a man’s resources even if she causes the divorce.  It encourages destructive behavior in women and naturally caused the divorce rate to grow five-fold with women filing for 80% of divorces.  Like on the battlefield or in the corporation every individual man became a replaceable tool whose purpose was to sacrifice and to serve so long as he is useful.


Five years later, a book became a best seller by telling men how to dress in or to be successful.  In one chapter the author warned that the only appropriate ring for a man to wear is a wedding ring.  The only acceptable ring is a symbol of his subservience.  The man can only take pride in his willingness sacrifice and expect nothing in return.  Instead of showing power he must show that he is so burdened with responsibility that he must obey.  Prophetically, in Lord of the Rings, the world would be destroyed if evil gained possession of the “ring of power”.


Society condemns men who have seen that modern “marriage” and “commitment” are shams and choose to live their own lives in uncommitted peace.  It tries to shame us as “weak”, “scared”, or “hurt”.  People claim that we are shirking our historic masculine duties and rejecting historic masculine role models.  We are not.  We are like that little boy in the famous fairy tale who shouted, “The Emperor has no Clothes”.  We understand the value of our own self worth and refuse to accept a destructive lie.

A Redpill Ring is a symbol of a man’s power, and that the wearer is a member of an international brotherhood that respects men’s lives and will not be subjugated.  Like the little boy shouting alone that the Emperor is naked, the movement is still small and so some men might feel isolated in their daily lives.  But how do you know that there are not other men around you at work, at the gym, in the bar or at church who feel the same way.  A Redpill Ring is a subtle statement that men who know the symbols will recognize.  You are not just displaying your own power; you are encouraging those weaker brothers who see you.

About the Red Pill Brothers

Since beginning I have discovered the the brotherhood is made up of the more thoughtful, caring and considerate human beings that I have ever met.  I have dealt with men from across North America, Europe, Asia, and the middle east.  In every case these men were a pleasure to work with and were more concerned with honesty than getting the best of someone.  I have only had a few instances wherein we did not find a happy solution to a problem.  However, in one of these instances a man sent me an apology and purchased a second ring.  In another case, about a year after the transaction was complete, the brother sent me a gift of some vintage silver coins with a note that I had given him something of great value and he wanted to give something in return.  I was truly touched.  In only one case did I not reach a happy solution.  The man was extremely angry even after I immediately refunded his money.  I spoke with some Redpill brothers and we concluded that he was still caught in the midst Red Pill rage and like many of use, had been so abused that he saw every little problem as an attempt to hurt him.  He could not yet conceive of a brotherhood wherein men truly cared for one another.

The world wants to shame men who chose to live their lives alone in peace, but it is truly a brotherhood that one should be proud to join.  I thank my brothers for all their support

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