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On which finger to I wear my ring?

Each finger has it's own tail to tell.

Many women have complimented me on my Redpill rings and will always ask "what does it mean."  I usually answer, "I am my own man and nobody owns me."  The love the "alpha" sound of that explanation without realizing that I've told them that they have no chance of getting my resources or resource earning potential.

But apart from the meaning of the ring itself, the symbolic meaning of the ring changes with the the finger upon which you choose to wear it.

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Index finger: Ring of Power

The index or "pointing" finger is the finger upon which important men like kings and ambassadors wore their rings of office or family rings.  It was the ring that would be kissed.  When holding a weapon such as a sword, the ring was closest to the blade and so closest to the enemy.  It therefore symbolized strength and courage.    When pointing or directing, this symbol of power and authority was on that pointing finger so symbolized the power beding the direction.

In the movie "Lord of the Rings," the dark lord Saron wore the "ring of power" on this finger, as did Frodo and any other holder of the ring.  This is the finger the symbolizes power and so the Redpillring on this finger symbolizes that the wearer has power over his own life.


Middle finger: Ring of defiance.

This finger speaks for itself.  Displaying the middle finger has long been a sign of defiance and contempt.  Refusing to enter into a "committed" romantic relationship in a society the believes men have a "duty" to do so is an act of defiance.  Many men therefore believe that this is the natural finger on which to wear a Red Pill Ring.

Modern society looks with suspicion and anger upon men who refuse to "commit" but historically these men were honored.  Hermits and monks existed all around the globe and throughout history.  These men were revered and considered wise and strong.  

"Commitment" also no longer means what it used to mean.  With over half of all marriages ending in divorce and women filing for over 80% of these divorces, the very concept of "commitment" no longer has the same meaning.  Men who reject "committed" relationships are therefore showing contempt of and defiance to a social paradigm the devalues men and devalues honor.

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Ring Finger: Ring of Ownership

This is the finger that society has reserved for the wedding ring.  When asked what the ring means to the wearer men will usually say that it symbolizes his commitment to his wife.  A woman will usually say that it symbolizes her husband's commitment to her.  This general attitude is also found in the relative expense of the rings.  A man is supposed to spend 3 months salary for the engagement ring.  In exchange, the woman gives him NOTHING.  The man is then supposed t buy an expensive wedding ring to match the engagement ring while the woman buys the man a simple band.  When considering this, a man should imagine the image of a slave and master.  The slaves labor helps the master to buy beautiful clothing while the master gives the slave rags in return.

By wearing a Red Pill Ring on this finger, the man is declaring that his heart, mind, money are not open for exploitation.  He is his own man and no one owns him.

Pinky: Ring of confidence

A man's hand is the symbol of his strength  The pinky is the smallest and weakest of the fingers and so wearing a ring on this finger is a show of confidence.  "Even my weakness is strength."  
The pinky ring is an understated display of elegance.  It harkens back to the "Golden age of Hollywood" when men like Gary Grant, Douglass Fairbanks, and Errol Flynn defined men's fashion.  They were strong and self assured.  They were the "alpha" males that women chased.  Today the pinky ring has fallen out of fashion and are discouraged by fashion gurus.  It makes sense that this ring is discouraged its message does not fit well with a society that wants to shame and belittle men.


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