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Power of Attorney for Female Induced Dementia

I spend 2 years practicing law as an attorney became frustrated at how women could use the system to abuse me.  I was talking with a use was in an estate battle with his deceased father's third (gold digger) wife when I said, "when you dad wanted to marry this woman, someone should have just kicked his a$$" and the idea was born. 

Do you ever wish that men had the legal authority to stop their friends from making stupid decisions?  This is the document that every man needs.   Also known as the GOLD DIGGERS POWER OF ATTORNEY is 7 pages of profound humor.  It is something for men to share with each other, give to a friend who is about to do something really stupid, or just feeling the consequences of a bad decision.

Let’s face it, many women have the power to make most men turn off their brains and destroy their lives.  Once hooked, the man is subject to a biased legal system that encourages women to treat men poorly..  The GOLD DIGGERS POWER OF ATTORNEY imagines a world where a man could legally authorize his friends to protect him from himself.

You can download a free pdf copy or for the price of a nice greeting card you can order an Official Hard Copy with blue stock backing to look like an official legal document.  A great gag gift. (No, its not a gag, he needs it.)

If like my POA, you will love my book "The Empress has no clothes".

    As the name implies, Empress draws parallels between our modern “committed” relationship paradigm and the famous fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.  Most relationship books take a psychological viewpoint and focus on the difference between men and women.  Being trained as an economist and lawyer, I take a different view.  I look at the common humanity of man.  Marriage is legally defined as a contract and a contract is an agreement to trade.  Marriage is therefore an agreement between two people to trade, but trade what?  In a sense, law and economics are two sides of the same coin.  Economics is the study of what motivates constructive behavior while law is the study of restraining destructive behavior.  As a lawyer I discovered that a good contract promotes success, and a bad contract almost guarantees fighting and destruction.  At the beginning of the 20th Century the divorce rate was 1-2% but by the end it rose to 50%.  What would happen to the car industry if half of all sales contracts ended in litigation with buyers losing their cars and everything they paid?  People would stop buying cars.  When you look at “committed” relationships from a contractual point of view, there is no mystery why more and more men refuse to “commit”.  It is not because modern men are weak, afraid, narcissistic, or rejecting historic male duties.  It is because like in the Emperor’s New Clothes, we have been sold a trade with real costs and imaginary benefits.

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