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Redpill rings are the idea of man, who like far too many men, suffered from suicidal depression after loosing his family in a divorce.  He had dedicated his life to his family, and now they were gone.  While looking researching divorce on the internet he ran across some sites that promoted a new philosophy of life for men.  A life wherein a man concentrates his energies on making the most of his life rather than sacrificing it for some woman.  The men promoting this lifestyle described the destruction that our modern concept of "marriage" and "commitment" brings to men.  he was a lawyer and new that over 50% of all marriages ended in divorce, but did not know that women initiate 80 to 90% of the divorces.   As he listened to the stories, be began to realize that he was not alone.  A large percentage of men were suffering from the exact same problems. He began to look back on his life and career.  The legal brainwashing faded away and suddenly he could see patterns as well as a clear cause and effect.  When the law rewards destructive behavior, people will be more likely to participate in bad behavior.  Moreover as the law rewards destructive behavior, people will come to believe that the destructive behavior is "good."  People will call evil good.  

Also having a degree in Business and Economics, his eyes opened to one simple and undeniable fact.  If any company developed a product and for 60 years sold 80-90% of that product to women, only a fool would not realize that this product was developed and marketed to women.  But somehow people believe that the legal industry is neutral in divorce.  We have been trained to believe that destructive behavior is "good" and we are surprised when we experience destruction in our lives.  The men who reject "committed" relationships are therefore not rejecting the historic concepts of "commitment" but the modern perversion of that concept. 

The philosophy of living one's life alone in peace is therefore not a philosophy of hate but of respect.  A man learns to respect himself enough not to get involved in a system designed for destruction.  In learning that his own life has intrinsic value, he realizes that all men's lives have intrinsic value.  The philosophy is building a brotherhood of mutual respect.

Whereas this brotherhood saved his life, he wanted to do his part to promote it.  Because we are reclaiming ancient values, he thought of an ancient symbol of power, authority, and fraternal affiliation.  He thought of "Lord of the Rings."  The ring is a symbol of a man's strength and power over his own life.

He thought of the Masons.  A man who chooses to live his life alone in peace can feel isolated but who is to say that that man is not among others with similar beliefs?  A ring is a subtle sign that men of like beliefs can recognize.  

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