MGTOW defiance ring - bronze

MGTOW defiance ring - bronze

MGTOW Pride ring in Bronze.

Bronze symbolizes the bronze age, the beginning of civilization and some MGTOW brothers like the symbolizm of begin a new era of freedom.

Bronze comes with a risk, that some skin types react to the metal and it can cause a greenish tint to the skin where it is worn.

Some actually like that this effect as it symbolized society's attmepts to shame a man back onto the plantation.   Like the shaming words, the greenish tint might look bad but it is actually harmless.  

All rings are made in the USA.


    This ring is identical to the silver MGTOW brotherhood ring, but in bronze.


    All sales are final, but if the size is wrong, we will exchange the ring for a different size.  There is no restocking fee but the customer will have to pay for the additional shipping.


    We ship by USPS and there is no charge for worldwide shipping.  If you want a different form of shipping, we can accomodate you but will charge for shipping

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