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Pride in Gold

Pride in Gold


(Free shipping worldwide)

Due to the fluctuating prices of gold, each ring must be individually priced for the day it is orders.  The price shown is only estimate purposes 

Please contact us for current price.  When you are ready to order we will post a ring in your size and karat with the agreed price for you to order.

Approximate gold weight: 5.0 grams for 14k

Available in yellow or white gold, optional 18k

(18k adds a premium price as do larger rings sizes. 

The 18k and 14k are displayed side by side in the photo with the 14k being closer to the hand and 18k closer to the end of he finger.

18k gold has a richer color but is softer and less durable than 14k.  14k is the preferred gold of the United States while 18k is the preferred gold of Europe and Japan.

All rings are made in the USA.

To keep the weight and therefore price down the rings are made with a concave mold.

This ring is designed to give a subtle and elegant display of Pride and brotherhood.  To the average person this will appear to be just an elegent piece of jewelry, but it will identify the wearer as a man who appreciates the intrinsic value of his own life and uses his resources for his own enjoyment. 

The ring can be a conversation started and invitation to drop bits of redpill wisdom that a man's life has value.


All rings are made in the USA.

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