Warrior Ring

Warrior Ring

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Approximate weight 16 grams of 925 pure silver.

Stone is an imitation ruby, but you can upgrade to a real garnet or onyx if you want a black stone.

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Real rubies or other stones are avaiable on special order.  If you are interested in a special order please contact us.


I call this the "warrior" ring because it makes a bold statement.  The wearer is not afraid to be seen and is not afraid to stand up and say that all men's lives have intrincis value.

From the dawn of civilization warriors wore beautiful rings to celebrate the strength and power of their hands.   A warrior ring is a beautiful bold, masculine design that makes a strong statement.  The warrior ring celebrates a man's strength and is full of  imagery.   When a person first looks at the ring, he sees the red stone.  This is the redpill that wakes a man up the value of his own self worth.  As he looks further he sees theHe lives his life on his own terms, demanding respect by also respecting the rights of others.   This ring celebrates a man's strength and ability to go his own way in life.

All rings are made in the USA.