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Red Pillar Redemption Rings

Many men have discovered the value of their own self-worth too late.  They learned the hard way by entering into an unfair contract with a woman that damaged or even destroyed him emotionally, financially, and/or spiritually.  Symbolic of this unfair contract is the fact that she walks away with a very expensive diamond ring and thousands of dollars in jewelry that he gave her and he has only a gold band that she gave him in return.  These gifts were "symbols of their love" and relative value of the gifts perfectly marks the relative "love" and "commitment" that you each had for the other.   The best use of these symbols is to redeem them in to a symbol of freedom.  A sign that you are standing tall as a Red Pillar.

I once had a brother contact me asking if he could exchange a jewelry collection for a ring.  He had an affair with a married women and she had spent her husband's hard earned money to buy him these gifts.  He told me that they were a painful reminder of what he had done.  The woman never even really cared for him.  He was just a boy-toy she used for sex and her husband was the dumb "nice guy" she used for money.

The brother felt horrible and degraded for what he had done.  He would never steal from or be violent to another man but he had this property which was basically stolen and destroyed the life of a man who never did him any harm.  He wanted to reset a stone in a warrior ring as a symbol that he would never allow this to happen again.

We did the exchange and he loved the new ring but didn't know the type of stone.  I told him that it was a rare and precious fukdabich.  If ever a woman is trying to tempt him or abuse him, he should call on the name of the stone and it would give him strength.  He laughed and said that it was the perfect ring.

If you have old symbols that you want to redeem. Please send me a message in the comment section.