Do you do special order rings?

Yes.  We have done several special order rings.  If you have a special design element or an idea for a ring or other piece of jewelry, please contact me and we can discuss your idea. 

Can you use gold or silver that I have to make a ring?

No – but sort of.  The art of melting down metal to make jewelry is complicated.  The metals always contain a mix of metals, which is why the metals are designated 14 or 18k, or 925 pure.  Melting down an existing piece of jewelry and remolding it requires a precise amount of metal and the hue will often be changes and will not shine properly.  The metals have to be melted down and process first. 

If you have metal that you would like to use to obtain a ring, we will offer a fair market price and credit the price towards your ring.   Contact me to work out the details.  
In one case a brother had jewelry that he obtained from a former girlfriend and engagement gone wrong (he dodged a bullet).  He wanted to use this jewelry.  He actually had enough to order a ring and get a refund.  His story is interesting because one ring came from a married woman who had seduced him as a young man.  After becoming Red Pilled he felt horrible for what he had done to the husband.  The ring had a large red stone and he wanted to “redeem” the stone by using it as the centerpiece of a Redpillring.  We sized the ring to fit his stone and set it.  After receiving his ring back, he was happy but did not know what type of stone it was.  When he asked me, I told him it was a rare “fukdabitch”