Why wear a REDPILL/MGTOW Ring

The hand is symbolic of a man’s power and so from the dawn of civilization rich and powerful men around the globe decorated their hands to honor and signify the power they possessed.   Kings, noblemen, warriors from ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, and Israel all the way down to famous WWII generals such as George Patton, and elegant leading men from the Golden Age of Hollywood decorated their hands with these symbols power and wealth.   Rings were so significant that JRR Tolkien used "The Ring of Power" and lesser magical rings as a centerpiece of his epic trilogy "Lord of the Rings."

Because rings were expensive and signified wealth and power, they were not ofter worn by the common man until WWI when wedding rings became popular among soldiers.  In WWI nations drafted millions of men to be cannon fodder.  These scared and lonely men wanted a token to remind them of home.  A ring was something they could wear constantly and easily caress while dreaming of a reality that no longer existed for them.

Men bravely sacrificing their lives for powers who ultimately hold their lives as meaningless was the perfect introduction of the modern wedding ring.  It was darkly prophetic.  After WWII, men’s wedding rings became commonplace.  As men were looking for jobs with corporations, wearing a symbol of selfless sacrifice and loyalty became almost mandatory.

The wedding rings have become completely symbolic of our gynocentric society.  A man is supposed to spend a few months income on his bride’s engagement ring and she gives him NOTHING in return.  At the wedding he is again supposed to give her another expensive ring while she gives him a much cheaper ring.  In our modern society women taken full possession and control of the ancient “ring of power.”
  There are some men who still use rings in their traditional manner.  Fraternal organizations such as the Masons have rings to signify membership and brotherhood.   This is the purpose the Redpillring.com.   We want to help build the brotherhood of men who have taken control of their lives.  A brotherhood of men who value their lives and refuse to waste their lives on people who don't deserve or appreciate the value of their lives.  A brotherhood of men who can not be badgered or shamed into wasting their lives just to conform to a twisted and false sense of "duty" and "responsibility."