This pages contains: Why Wear a REDPILL/MGTOW Ring, Product Descriptions, and the symbolism behind wearing a ring on different fingers

Why wear a REDPILL/MGTOW Ring

The hand is symbolic of a man’s powers and so from the dawn of civilization rich and powerful men around the globe and throughout time Kings, noblemen and warriors decorated their hands to honor and signify the power they possessed.  Ancient Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Hebrew and European kings, noblemen and warriors all the way down to famous WWII generals such as George Patton decorated their hands with symbols power.  Fraternal organizations such as the Masons have rings to signify membership and brotherhood. 

Because rings were expensive and signified wealth and power were not common for the common man until WWI when wedding rings became popular among soldiers.  In WWI nations drafted millions of men to be cannon fodder in the war.  These scared and lonely men wanted a token to remind them of home.  A ring was something they could wear constantly and easily caress while dreaming of a reality that no longer existed for them.

Men bravely sacrificing their lives for powers who ultimately hold their lives as meaningless was the perfect introduction of the modern wedding ring.  It was darkly prophetic.  After WWII men’s wedding rings became commonplace.  As men were looking for jobs with corporations, wearing a symbol of selfless sacrifice and loyalty became almost mandatory.

The wedding rings became symbolic of our gynocentric society.  A man spent a few months income on his bride’s ring and she bought him a simply token in return.  In the home, women adopted the ancient “ring of power.”
To give a simple illustration, imagine a slave standing next to his master.  You can imagine the master dressed in fine clothes and polished shoes or boots.  Next to him stands the slave in simple and probably tattered clothing.  The master does not waste money on the slave.  Now imagine a man’s and woman’s wedding ring together.  Enough said.

REDPILL/MGTOW rings are designed to show PRIDE and BROTHERHOOD

MGTOW is about men embracing the value of their own lives.  Becoming “red pilled” means that a man has woken up and refused to sacrifice his life for someone who does not value him and does not deserve the sacrifice. 
Like the ancient warriors and kings, the REDPILL/MGTOW rings are a show pride in the wearer’s own strength and masculinity.  The ring is a subtle display of rebellion against the gynocentric society.  The wearer is saying that he will not be kowtowed or forced into submission.  His assets, his life, and his soul belong to him and he will not allow them to be exploited.

Most importantly the Rings are a show of brotherhood.  MGTOW is independence but independence should not be isolation.  MGTOW is a fast growing online community but most MGTOW don’t know a single other MGTOW in their daily lives.  I am told that in France MGTOW do meet and get together. The Rings are designed with the goal to help turn the online community into a real brotherhood.  Because MGTOW is so outside of the normal gynocentric societal norms, MGTOW do not freely talk about their beliefs and feelings.  We can feel isolated, but we don’t know what we don’t know!  Maybe there are other MGTOW around you.  If another MGTOW sees you wearing a REDPILL MGTOW ring, he will know that he has a brother.  He will know that you are someone he can talk with openly as free men.  The more that MGTOW are able to meet in person, the stronger they become.  The stronger the brotherhood becomes and more men will be saved from the hell of our gynocentric society.


We have two styles of rings: the REDPILL Ring, and the MGTOW Symbol ring, and we do special orders.


The Red Pill Ring is full of MGTOW is a bold ring like a ring worn by some ancient king or warrior and is full of symbolism.  First your eyes are drawn to the red stone.  This is the red pill that awakens a man to the true nature of our modern world.  Once you look at the ring's stone (you take the red pill) then the letters that hold and encircle the Red Pill – "MG TOW" - come into focus.  The red pill awakens a man and he discovers that he can be his own man.  He does not need to be a slave.  He can “Go His Own Way.”  Leading away from the M and W are channels that fade to nothing about 2/3 way around the ring. These symbolize that if you leave MGTOW, your life is going to oblivion.

This ring is available in White Gold, 14k Gold, or 18k Gold, and comes with a garnet stone.  This rings can be special ordered with a real ruby.  Just contact David at Redpillring to get pricing.

The ring is also available in silver with either a real garnet or an imitation ruby.  The Garnet is a dark red and the imitation ruby is a lighter red.


The MGTOW symbol ring is a simple, masculine, and elegant ring.  It is a ring the Cary Grant or Douglas Fairbanks might wear.  The ring’s face is the diamond MGTOW sign shape with the MGTOW symbol in the center.  Like the Redpill ring, there are channels on either side of ring face leading away to nothing.  This symbolizes that leaving the MGTOW life leads to ruin.

The ring comes in White Gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, silver, or bronze.  (The bronze rings are designed for men who have jobs that are hard on the hands.  The bronze is a stronger metal and hold up to wear and tear better than the silver and gold.

Redpillrings are willing to do special projects.  One MGTOW brother had been given a ring with a red stone.  He wanted that stone mounted in a REDPILL ring.  We mounted the stone in a Redpill ring and now, instead of a reminder of pain and shame he has a symbol of pride and freedom.  We also gave him credit for the gold in his old ring and for several other pieces of gold jewelry that he had collected from relationships through his Blue Pill years.
If you have a special project or if you have gold jewelry that you want to get credit for against the purchase of a ring, please contact us.


Wearing a REDPILL/MGTOW ring is a statement of pride in your freedom and masculinity.  How you wear your ring is a matter of personal choice and preference but there is a symbolism behind each finger.
The Index Finger: the RING OF POWER: is says “I am ruler of my life.”

The index or “pointing” finger is the finger upon which important men like kings historically wore family or association rings.  It is the ring that would be kissed. When pointing or directing, this symbol of power and authority is on that pointing finger.  When holding a weapon such as a sword, the ring is closest to the blade.  It is closest to the enemy.  By wearing your REDPILL/MGTOW ring on this finger, you are declaring that you are lord of his own life. You will not be kowtowed.

 The Middle Finger: The F-YOU RING.  The middle finger pretty much speaks for itself.

Going MGTOW is itself giving the finger to our gynocentric society.  Going MGTOW is showing defiance and contempt for every THOT or White Knight that would have you believe that your life has no value other than to serve as a slave.  Therefore wearing a Redpillring on this finger seems to be a very appropriate placement.  
To this end, one of our brother’s invented what I call the “MGTOW BIRD.”  In situations, like work or court, when you can not express yourself freely, just give them a seemingly respectful salute or “tip of the hat” and let the ring highlight your middle finger and the contempt you feel

Left ring finger: THE RING OF OWNERSHIP. It says that I cherish my freedom.

This is the finger that our culture has reserved for the wedding ring. There was an ancient belief that an artery ran directly from the heart to the ring finger so wearing a ring on this finger symbolized being close to the heart.  A spouse was close to the heart so this was the wedding ring finger. 
When asked, “what does your wedding ring mean” a man will typically answer, “It symbolizes my dedication to my wife.”  A woman will typically answer, “It symbolizes my husband’s dedication to me.”   The wedding ring in our modern gynocentric society is a symbol of a man’s slavery.

By wearing a REDPILL/MGTOW ring on your left ring finger, you are symbolizing that your freedom is closest to your heart.  You are showing that your heart, mind, and money are not open for exploitation.  You are your own man and no one owns you.

Pinky:  THE RING OF CONFIDENCE: It says “I laugh at your gynocentric world”

The pinky ring is an understated display of elegance.  It exudes confidence and an attitude that you don’t care what other’s think or do.  It harkens back to the golden age of Hollywood when men like Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks, and Errol Flynn defined men’s fashion.  Following WWII and the rise of feminism pinky rings fell out of fashion and were discouraged by men’s fashion gurus.  These modern blue-pilled advisors believe and teach that the only jewelry a man should wear is a wedding ring.  Wearing a REDPILL/MGTOW pinky ring is therefore a subtle and defiant wink to those who would want to subjugate you.  It shows that you are silently laughing at the White knights, SIMPS and women who would try to drag you into slavery.