Polo Shirt, 50/50 Cotton Polyester Blend

Polo Shirt, 50/50 Cotton Polyester Blend

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50/50 cotton polyester blend Polo

Make a subtle statement of MGTOW pride with the Redpill polo shirts.  The are high quality shirts that are acceptable  at any corporate casual or similar situation.  The average person will only see a beautiful shirt with a corporate logo, but fellow MGTOW will recognize the redpill and five letters of freedom.

 This logo of freedom is designed to be directly over the
wearer’s heart because MGTOW saves lives and MGTOW have a heart for
and value the lives of other men.

The logo features a red oval surrounded
by gold lettering. The red oval symbolizes the Red Pill that wakes
men up to the reality of this world and awakens them to the value of
our own lives. The Gold in the M-G-T-O-W symbolizes the solid gold
value of the MGTOW philosophy of life and the fact the MGTOW (unlike
white knights) get to keep their gold!

The 50/50 cotton polyester blend shirt
has a soft, smooth finish and is extremely hard wearing. 

The Blue Shirt featured is 1 year old.  The photos of the collar, sleeve, and hem show that after over 50 wearing and washings, this shirt sill holds its shape and looks good. This is a
soft and comfortable shirt. 

Sizes come in

Small (36 in chest)

Med (40 in chest)

Large (44 in chest)

Extra Large (48 in chest)

2XL (52 in chest).