Polo Shirt, 100% Cotton Pique weave

Polo Shirt, 100% Cotton Pique weave

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100% Cotton Pique knit Polo Shirts

Subtly display MGTOW pride with MGTOW Redpill polo shirts.

Make a subtle statement of MGTOW pride with Redpill polo shirts.  These shirts are high quality, well crafted shirts that are acceptable at any business casual or similar setting.  Most people will simply see a beautiful shirt with corporate logo but fellow MGTOW will recognize the red pill and five letters of freedom.

The logo features a red oval surrounded
by gold lettering. The red oval symbolizes the Red Pill that wakes
men up to the reality of this world and awakens them to the value of
our own lives. The Gold in the M-G-T-O-W symbolizes the solid gold
value of the MGTOW philosophy of life and the fact the MGTOW (unlike
white knights) get to keep their gold!

The pique weave is 100% pre-shrunk cotton that has a textured  weave that gives the shirt a slightly more luxurious look and feel.  It  is soft but hard-wearing.   Sizes come in

Small (36 in chest)

Med (40 in chest)

Large (44 in chest)

Extra Large (48 in chest)

2XL (52 in chest).