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About is the idea of a man, who like far too many middle-aged men, almost lost his life to suicide after losing his family in divorce.  Four times as men as women die of suicide but no one seems to care. Most of these suicides result from the pain of divorce and men loosing all sense of their own intrinsic value.

Luckily, while online researching divorce, he stumbled upon a site that talked about the intrinsic value of a man's life and how men are wrongly conditioned to believe that their only worth comes from what they can produce and provide.  He was amazed at what he heard and began watching post after post.  He realized that he was not alone and he felt his strength return.  He realized that he had actually caused his own destruction by buying into a concept of masculinity that devalued men and demanded never ending self-sacrifice in order to "deserve" a woman's love.  This wrong thinking leads men to degrade themselves and harm other men as they scramble to each add value to their lives.  This wrong thinking also drives many men to crime and to harming others resulting in a massive prison population and millions of destroyed lives. 

He learned to he could "Go His Own Way" which meant to be content with his life and find value in his own life.  By realizing that his life had intrinsic value he realized that all men's lives have intrinsic value and so every man is deserving of respect.  All human interaction should be consensual and respectful. 

Knowing that he would have died had he not stumbled upon this idea, he wanted to help other men by promoting the concept and bring the brotherhood from an online support community to a physical brotherhood that men could see on a daily basis.  He decided to design subtle display of pride and brotherhood that men could wear anywhere and identify themselves as a man who can live alone in peace with the world.

Redpill rings can now be seen all over North America, Asia, and even the Middle East.  It is truly a worldwide brotherhood comprised of all races, creeds, religions, nationalities and sexual orientations.

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Why Rings?

A subtle display of brotherhood and pride

From the dawn of civilization men decorated their fingers because the strength and power of a man's hand is something beautiful to be appreciated.  It symbolized a man's ability to create wealth and to celebrate that his life had value.  Rings were worn to signify power such as kings kings and warriors.  They signified family or other associations such as with the Masons and school rings.

Rings were so culturally important that in JRR Tolkien entitled his classic 1954 book about world domination "Lord of the Rings."

The Redpill ring signifies that the wearer appreciates the intrinsic value of his own life and can live independently in peace with others.  It also displays that he is part of an international brotherhood that values the life of every man and believes that the laws and society should truly treat men and women equally.


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